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We have been ranked a national "Top 10 Marketing Company" on the Inc. 500 list 2 years in a row!

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In 2014, we were awarded a Bronze Stevie Award, given to companies that exhibit sustained growth and give back to their community.

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Growing by over 5000% in 4 years earned us a spot on the national Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies list 2 years in a row.

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We have been honored as a Colorado Top 50 Family Owned Company 3 years in a row!

Inc. Hire Power

Growing from 2 people to over 150 in under 5 years earned us a spot on the 2013 Inc. Hire Power Awards.

2014 Top Company award

We were awarded the 2014 Top Colorado Company Award, given to companies who have sustained steady growth and contribute greatly to the Colorado economy.

Mercury 100

We have topped the Mercury 100 Fastest Growing Companies list 3 years in a row for Northern Colorado.

Top 250 Private Companies

We have been recognized 3 years in a row as a Colorado Top 250 Privately Owned Company.

We have been recognized for many various accomplishments & awards.

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Case Studies - Marketing 360® Reviews

What is the ultimate review of a marketing service?  At Contractor Marketing 360®, we think in terms of three words:

Return. On. Investment.

Marketing must start with an investment – you’ll never take out if you don’t put in.  In between there is customer service, strategy sessions, and hard work.  We motivate with the mindset of a partner:  we want you to succeed long-term and toast success with you years down the road.

But in the end, intentions and relationship only go so far.  There must be benchmarks where we look at the investment made and calculate the revenue return.

Contractor Marketing 360® does not employee obsequious “yes” men.  We know online marketing, and we’ll tell you if we think you’re heading away from that golden return – no apologizes.  As a partner, we owe you that.

And we know a Contractor Marketing 360® review we don’t want to see:

“The folks at Contractor Marketing 360® are super friendly and helpful, but unfortunately we never made money as a result of their marketing efforts.” 

We’d much rather see this review:

At first, I was worried about Contractor Marketing 360®.  Sometimes working with them felt like going to the doctor and being told I had to change my diet – they didn’t hide the tough decisions.  There was a lot of hard work, education, and long-term planning.  They kept talking about long-term success, and like a bulldog they stuck with it.  Two years into our partnership, and the ROI is rock solid.  We’re the biggest contracting outfit in the area, and we dominate the online channel.”

If you want your ass-kissed, Contractor Marketing 360® is not for you.  If you want a tenacious, competitive marketing partner that focuses on long-term ROI, we are the best choice, period.

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